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Our Church Ministries

We believe that one of the main jobs and duties of the church of Jesus Christ is to take the gospel to
every creature. We do this, not only by supporting foreign missions, but by personally taking the gospel
by various different means to our own community. Below are a list of some of the ministries that we
have here at Open Bible Baptist church to further the gospel here in the Golden Isles.

Public Ministry

Our church is actively involved in taking the gospel to our community publicly.
We have found this method to not only be Scriptural in origin, but to be very encouraging to the
church as well as providing opportunities for all ages to be involved in the spreading of the

On Friday evenings we hold Scripture signs, distribute gospel tracts, and open-air preach at Neptune Park on St Simons Island from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

On Sundays, after morning service, we also go to the intersection of Altama and Golden Isles Parkway in Brunswick GA to hold up Scripture signs and preach the gospel.

Operation Golden Isles

We began this ministry in the summer of 2016 with the intentions of reaching every front door in our county with a door hanger packet containing Scripture, gospel tracts, and a church invitation. We meet and go out into our community on the first Saturday of every month to distribute these packets to the homes in our community. The members of our church have really enjoyed this ministry, both by distributing the door hangers, as well as assembling the packets.

Homeless Outreach

Every Friday evening at 5:30, we meet at the Salvation Army’s soup kitchen in Brunswick to distribute meals and give the gospel to the homeless and needy folks in our community. This has opened a great door to be able preach the gospel to these people while they are eating their meal. We also have had many opportunities to speak one-on-one with these folks regarding their souls and the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ.

Parades and Festivals

We make every effort possible to be at as many festivals and parades in the area to distribute tracts, display Scripture Signs and preach the gospel to the many people who gather at these events. Some of these events include, The Blessing of the Fleet Festival in Darien GA, The Blessing of the Fleet Festival in Brunswick GA, The 4th of July Festival in Brunswick, The Shrimp and Grits Festival on Jekyll Island, The Brunswick Christmas Parade, the monthly First Friday Festival, and many more. This ministry has also provided the opportunity to reach a large amount of people in our area in a short period of time.

The Open Bible Radio Broadcast

At 6:30 on Sunday Mornings, we have been given the open door to air a 30-minute program on a local radio station where we have the opportunity to preach and teach the Bible to those in this community. This broadcast has also been turned into a podcast. You can view it on iTunes by clicking here and on the Google Play Store by clicking here.